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Hey Baby, Part One

At the moment we have eight songs in our repertoire for live shows and potential studio releases. There’s also two more that’s in the works to be showcased hopefully a month from this post. While this is happening, we are…

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The Trio

This group has some interesting backgrounds. Jacob, the youngest, is in college for music, performing at a very high level. Thurman, the oldest, is self taught in music and business owning his own studio producing music and film. Chris, a…

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Our Style

Our style is a mix of  Jazz, R&B, Funk, Reggae, and Rock. It’s a lot. But one consistent element that ties it together is our ability to sync collaboratively in interesting ways. We found that the best way to collaborate…

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Our City

San Antonio is an interesting scene. From our experience, there’s not prevalent scenes in Jazz, Funk and R&B. We’ve tried lining up with all types of genres to see which crowd would be the most receptive. So far, we found…

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Thurman is the mastermind behind Formative Fire. It started several years back before he had opened his own studio, but the brand has been the same as the name implies: absolute fire magically harnessed by the powers of a trio…

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