If you ever wanted to take that special person to a place that can make a great first impression, or rekindle a long lasting relationship, the band Formative Fire might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Whether playing their music in the background, or experiencing them live at a classy bar, their feel good funky jazz grooves and sultry voice expresses love, passion, and all that is good for the soul. 

San Antonio, Texas is their place they call home. It’s considered to be the most romantic city in the country, and Formative Fire is a product of that culture, with a catalog of originals in Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin, Reggae, and Indie Rock. You can find them showcasing their grooves all around the city, and also representing their hometown through festivals, private shows, and tours across the U.S. 

Look them up. Discovering them may be one the best things to come across in these crazy times.